A Fresh Look On World Schooling

We'd like to introduce to Lindsey Daigle and her beautiful world schooling family.  4 years into learning through travel gives Lindsey expert status-  she shares her experience along with tips on world schooling in your own community.

Read on to get Lindsey's take on the beauty of world schooling, or wander schooling as her family sweetly describes it.

I wasn’t always a traveler; I spent more time perusing an atlas in my room, as
a child, than I spent on the road with my family. Sure we had the annual summer
vacation, where we usually headed back to the Hawaiian Islands, my parents’
favorite place. But somehow, through falling in love with maps, and those tiny, south pacific islands, a traveler was cultivated inside of me. Early on in my teenage years I
decided that being a flight attendant was my life’s dream, to travel to far away
destinations and experience the world. It wasn’t until my children had entered this
world, that I realized that my career choice would enable me to give my children the
childhood that I had dreamt for my adulthood.

Everyone comes to the conclusion to home school based on their own
circumstances, and what fits best and is most right for their family. We have a list of
reasons ourselves, as to why we believe our children will flourish more, here at
home, with our daily devotion to their every need including their education. I would
be lying, though, if I didn’t say that the restricted summer time travel weighed
heavily on our decision to keep the children at home in an unconventional setting. I
think learning isn’t restricted to any one classroom, or experience, it is out there in
everything and weaved into the seams of every place you visit. We began teaching
about two years ago, when our oldest was then in preschool, we had a trip to The
Netherlands planned, and I thought that he would enjoy it more if we studied about
the country before we arrived. We quickly gathered together biographies on artists
from the area, and picture books on Anne Frank, maps of the country, learned about
their food and their animals, we studied how the Pilgrims originally landed in
Holland before coming to the New World, and we read children’s literature of
popular Dutch tales. The experience was so beneficial to not just our four year’ old,
Liam, but to us as parents, as well.


And so it began, our own version of what we refer
to as our Wandering School. We spend a lot of time studying a particular artist, and
then we admire as much of his work as we can, either through trips to museums or
through books filled with collections of art. And we look at the art that God made the
same way, we acknowledge that He is the greatest artist of all, and with every
change in landscape that we’ve seen it’s proof that He is unparalleled in His talent,
and we want to admire as much of His work as we can with the days that we are

We’ve been world schooling for four solid years, and have only fallen more
and more in love with traveling and this big, beautiful world that was made for our
enjoyment. But more importantly, we’ve fallen more and more in love with life
together, because we are on this journey that allows us to focus on “time” with one
another, not interrupted with grown up stresses, or the chores of your daily life, but
rather adventuring together, hand in hand, step by step. You know that feeling you
have as a parent, when you’re watching your child dance, play soccer, read, etc., and
that wonder in their face just brings you to tears? That glorious feeling of watching
them truly become in awe of something? When you’re traveling, whether it’s
touring the Coliseum in Rome, walking the Cliffs of Moher, cruising around glaciers

in Patagonia, standing on the rim of the Grand Canyon or beneath the mighty
Redwood Trees, or resting in a tiny town by the sea, your children get to see that
wonder in your face, as you become in awe of wherever your feet may find you. And
as deeply as you see your child and the gift that they are, they’ll be gifted in seeing
that there is still wonder for you to find, and that you chose to find it alongside them.

Now, I fully acknowledge that both my husband and I working in the airline
industry has opened up opportunities for travel that many are never able to
experience, and for that we feel truly blessed and are humbled that we can share
this tremendous journey with our young children. But I think it’s possible for you

Here’s, hopefully, a non intimidating look at throwing a little nod at World
Schooling into your own school year. Don’t be discouraged if abroad is out of the
question; look closely at what’s near you, even just a few hours away for a couple of
days. Look at museums near by, what exhibitions are they showing, maybe you can
find an artist to study? Is there a historical figure from that area, if so there might be
a museum or a home tour you can visit. Are you in the mountains, by the sea, a lake,
the desert? Study the climate, flora, fauna, and architectural differences to where
you live. There is so much to learn in this world, even if your trip is a simple, one
night stay away near a peach orchard, you may think it’s just a weekend of lessons
in seed to tree to fruit. But you’ll take home with you more than just the makings of
pies and preserves, you’ll bring home a child who, while he was away, started to
learn you.


*follow Lindsey's family on Instagram at @wanderingdaelings

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