Blue Morpho Butterfly DIY Project

It’s obvious that Morpho Butterflies are a total natural wonder to the eye.  So, naturally, we were inspired to by their beautiful blue wings, which we thought made the perfect subject for a Global Guardian DIY art project. Our Brazil Learning Capsule included some art projects, including this original digital art download of a blue morpho butterfly, which children can color, paint or collage. 


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Ideas for art projects:

-Paint, cut out and assemble for beautiful wall art.  You can frame the butterfly or just tack to the wall. Great for motor skills and creativity in younger children!

-Paint a rainforest backdrop on oversized paper or cardboard and glue the butterfly in its natural habitat for a large 3-D installation. Older children will have fun researching the perfect butterfly habitat!

-Paint the reverse side, attach a strand to the butterfly and tack to the ceiling for a beautiful hanging art piece. Let children measure the appropriate length of string, putting math into real life use!

This art project is just one component of the complete Brazil Learning Capsule, which includes over 40 pages of learning opportunities, from facts, to interviews, to activities, as well as videos, podcasts, art downloads, maps and more. You can buy the complete Brazil Learning Capsule in our SHOP here.

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