Explore Canada

Explore Canada

Oh Canada, indeed!

With the longest coastline in the world, Canada has a long geological history that has created some of North America's most beautiful landscapes. The North American country is home to temperate rainforests, semi-arid deserts, glaciers, praries and lakes.

Our 78-page Canada capsule will teach your child about Canada's indigenous plants, new vocabulary, and the local people and organizations changing the world. In addition to an interview with an inspiring clean-eating family, it provides reading resources, map projects and a meditation guide. Ready to dive into the following topics with your child?

  • Canada's Endangered Species
    • Learn facts about and threats to incredible creatures like the narwhal, whooping crane, sockeye salmon and barren-ground caribou. You will also learn about the humpback whale, a recovered species that will show your child what their conservation efforts can do.
  • Permaculture
    • Read about what a permaculture garden includes and what it can do for creatures around the world. Your child will also get to know the micro-organisms that live in these ecosystems with an educational coloring sheet.
  • Canadian Recipes
    • Learn how delicious maple syrup is made and apply this ingredient to healthy recipe. Create no-bake cookies and poutine with your child to experience the flavors of Canada.

By the end of our Canada capsule, your child will be empowered to take on a simple action challenge by decreasing heat and AC costs, and expressing kindness to all.

Explore the beauty of Canada's natural environments with your child by purchasing our Canada capsule today! Here's a preview:

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