Explore New Zealand

Explore New Zealand

What would the world look like if it were untouched by humans?

While we will never know for sure, New Zealand is believed to be one of the last places on earth that humans stepped foot on. Our New Zealand capsule explores the beautiful and relatively isolated country, which is home to diverse species and ecosystems, ranging from rainforests to volcanoes!

In 60 pages, your child will get the chance to learn about the country's animals and plants, including Hector's dolphins, yellow-eyed penguins and the shrubby tororaro.

This capsule will introduce kids to New Zealand culture through coloring and map activities, vocabulary, a traditional recipe and readings about:

  • Traditional Practices
    • Learn about how the Maori people honor the land through a practice called "kaitiakitanga" and show your child the importance of valuing their environment.
  • New Zealand Changemakers
    • Learn how Angeline Greensill and Hone Harawira, two Maori activists, protect indigenous people and the natural land. These inspirational leaders are amazing role models for children as they expand their world view!
  • A Nomadic Family
    • Read about the Trujillo family and how they build experiences and education through adventure. Your family will be ready to explore forms of education beyond traditional schooling.

You will also gain inspirational words for your home and resources for further reading and meditation activities.

At the end of this capsule, your child will be inspired to support the health of ecosystems and ocean life by being conscious through our simple challenge.

Introduce your child to the beautiful world and their role within it by purchasing your copy of the New Zealand capsule now! Here's a preview:

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