Free! Mindful Parenting Guided Meditations + E-Course for Parents

We’ve been working the past month to design a free Mindful Parenting e-course. We’re offering the course to anyone, anywhere in the world, (for free) who is looking to find more balance, patience and clarity as a parent and in everyday life.

We are partnering with Breathe People, leaders in guided meditation therapies to design the course.  

Inside the course you’ll find:

  • -a video on how guided meditations (called yoga nidra) helps regain balance to exhausted parents

  • - 2 guided meditations for parents that focus on deep restoration (getting back the sleep we lose) and stress reduction

  • -mindfulness journaling prompts to go deeper into inner work

  • -2 guided meditations designed just for children

  • An inspirational PDF art printable for daily motivation

  • FAQ on the benefits of yoga nidra for adults and children

We like to create free resources for parents to help with mind/body health. We don’t ask for anything in return but to share the free resource if you think your friends and family would benefit.  We all know parents who could use a little help!

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