How Phonetic Planet Builds Childhood Literacy Through Exploration

We all seek to help our little ones grow to their full potential. For Phonetic Planet, building the connection between that goal and the right resources is a livelihood that can make a difference in your family life. 

Phonetic Planet is an amazing group that promotes literacy through nature. By emphasizing experiences first, they help children develop their literacy skills by tying their understanding of the world to the words on a page.

Global Guardian Project is so happy to announce that Phonetic Planet will be contributing to our monthly capsules, and we're excited to introduce you to their incredible organization!

Read this interview to get to know an inspiring group that is helping children shine:

Phonetic Planet's mission:

We are here to support young learners and their caregivers in the process of early literacy development. We understand that as children grow, their personal experiences build a bridge between each stage of language development. When children's wonder is nurtured through nature, their innate curiosity shines. Our team is committed to connecting you with resources that promote joyful learning and outdoor exploration.

Why is promoting literacy through nature so important?

Children demonstrate a natural curiosity about the world around them. Our beautiful planet is our shared home; it is important to support a child’s interest in the natural world, from plants and animals to weather and ecosystems. We can encourage children to discover the wonders of nature through hands-on experience and through sharing their observations with others. Literacy allows us all greater opportunities to connect and share. Because we believe that all children deserve literacy skills, we work to connect teachers and families with resources to support literacy development, including reality-based literature. We have carefully crafted simple children’s books with the young, emerging reader in mind. Good literacy skills are essential in today’s world, as a means of education and also as a vehicle to communicate on a local or global scale.

How can urban families weave nature into everyday life?

We encourage exploration of all sorts, both in the physical sense and also by means of high quality reading material. We like to encourage parents and caregivers to consider books, poetry, and activities that enable young children to experience nature from various perspectives. Nature is everywhere, including in cities! Parks, gardens, and museums offer many exciting opportunities, while other activities such as growing plants from seeds, or caring for small pets can integrate nature into home life.

Three of our favorite books that promote global exploration:

A beautiful atlas that is published specifically for the age and developmental stage of your child is a wonderful addition to every learning space. An atlas should be able to demonstrate realistic images as well as high-quality map imaging. A young child is capable of understanding the concept of a global community if given the right learning tools such as a globe and an atlas. Once the concept of our planet has been presented, it is easier for a child to appreciate earth’s diversity as complimentary rather than oppositional.

As for two other books? Of course, it has to be our own two hardcover readers, Kestrel and Puffin! Knowing young children’s developmental appreciation for beauty, we have created beginner level books that are nice to the touch as well as pleasing to the eye. The first books you read independently are a special milestone. We aim to make the experience as memorable as possible! We have recently launched fact-based books about a kestrel in Vienna, and a robin in Ireland.

Our other resources:

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