I Can Change The World

The mission behind the Global Guardian Project is to help parents and educators raise the most powerful generation of positive changemakers the world has ever seen.  We help you teach your children about global stewardship, how to be good caring humans, and how to have compassion for the earth and all who inhabit it.  

We think a visual aid with a powerful message is just what you and your global guardian need as a daily reminder of the power you have to change the world, no matter your size.

This is why we've created this free art download.  We want you to print it and keep it as a daily reminder for you and your littles.

We encourage you to share this print with friends and family and through your social media community. If you're feeling fancy, then add #globalguardianproject and #ICanChangeTheWorld to your post.

Stay tuned for more resources to be posted on our blog, because the Global Guardian Project team is dedicated to giving you and your family the tools needed to be true Global Guardians.  In addition, we’ve committed to introducing more content on young activists and resources on how to become activist for positive change at any age. Activism comes in all shapes and sizes, whether it's writing a letter to a politician or helping turtles cross the road. Every action shapes the world we live in, so let's shape our actions into positive activism!

We believe that our best hope for the future is to raise children today as global stewards and teach them the power of their actions.  Stepping up is not a privilege, but a right and responsibility.  I hope we can be the change and be the voice for the silent and silenced.  For the sake of our children, endangered species, the environment, and our planet.

Together we’re going to raise the most powerful generation of positive changemakers the world has ever seen. I’m glad we’re on this journey together.

Rebecca Lane, Founder

Download print here

Size options 18X24"



PS - In case you missed it, yesterday we shared our Oceans Learning Capsule for FREE on the blog. Find it here. In response to Trump's decision to move ahead with the Keystone and Dakota Access pipelines, we wanted to offer you our resources to help raise a generation of water protectors and true world leaders!


  • What a lovely free download and I love the message! I am raising my children to be strong free thinkers so this is really great.

  • Well done Rebecca! Wonderful action of LOVE & TOLERANCE + so much more. The world needs you & us.

    Lucie Marcq

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