Learn All About Exploring National Parks

Learn All About Exploring National Parks

From Yellowstone Park to the Grand Canyon, national parks are some of the most beautiful landmarks in the United States.

National parks have been an incredible celebration of nature for over 100 years. While preserving flora and fauna, it provides us with access to nature and American history.

Our Exploring National Parks capsule takes you on a road trip to some of our favorite natural hot spots, introducing you to the species that live within them. This capsule further brings you printable art and interactive maps. Some of our stops include:

  • The Grand Canyon
    • Read about what makes one of the seven natural wonders of the world so unique, and the historical human history behind it. Meet the endangered species like the California condor, which thrives in the Grand Canyon area.
  • Zion National Park
    • Learn about why this stunning park is ideal for more than rock climbing fanatics. Read about Zion's biodiversity, which includes the endangered desert tortoise and southwestern willow flycatcher.
  • Olympic National Park
    • Get to know the indigenous tribes and beautiful flora that survive in the sub-alpine forest, coast and temperate rainforest of this national park. Learn why this diverse landscape remains friendly to endangered species like the finback whale.

Through these interactive travels, your child will be inspired to take our challenge and become a junior park ranger -- a role that promotes conservation and leadership among youth.

Get your 94-page guide on U.S. national parks and the majestic creatures that live within them! Purchase our Exploring National Parks capsule for just $16.99 and it can double as your exploration bucket list. Here's a preview:

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