Little Global Guardian Voice: Jaryn Rose

My tiny tribe amanda rose global guardian project Last week we launched a blog series of interviews with children from around the world, sharing their perspectives on animals, plants and how to help the planet stay healthy. Today, we hear from 6-year old, Jaryn Rose, who lives in the United States of America. Jaryn's family recently relocated across country and Jaryn is enjoying exploring her new neighborhood slowly and with interest in the plants and animals, and, of course, places to play! Jaryn's spirit animal is a bear, as we are sure you will understand by the end of this interview. That, and how to build a really strong sandcastle. We hope you enjoy Jaryn's sweet global guardian voice! What kind of animals live near you? I'm not sure. This place is still new, so I haven't seen many things. What’s the most interesting animal you’ve seen in real life? Remember that deer eating by the river when we were in Yosemite? That was cool. What animals would you love to see in your neighborhood? A bear. Because I'm a bear. Do you think animals play together? If yes, what kind of games do they play? YES!!!!  I think monkeys would chase each other. And I guess elephants could have water fights with their trunks. Do you think animals have families and love each other? YES! Like a mother and a baby deer. They love each other. All the mommy animals love their babies. What kind of food do you think animals would eat if they could go to a store? What would an elephant buy for a treat? Monkeys would get bananas. There's no leaves at the store so I don't know what a giraffe would eat. A bear would, well I guess a bear would go get fish where the fish are in that glass? You know where it's all stinky? An elephant would get ice cream! Because: Zootopia (laughs hysterically at herself). If you could be any animal, which would you be? Why? I'd like to be a brown bear because they're snuggly and cozy. And they like to play with their brothers and sisters. And my hair is brown. And well, I think they're pretty. If you could speak any animal language which would you want to speak? Why? I would wish to talk to bears. Because I think if we could understand each other we would stop fighting. What kind of plants grow near your home? Those white flowers? What are they called mommy? ("Queen Anne's lace?") YES! Those are pretty. What is the most beautiful plant you’ve seen in real life? Sunflowers! They are so BIG! What plants do you love to eat? Well, I like cucumbers. I like tomatoes. Just not the squishy ones (makes a disgusted face). And I still like carrots. Are there any plants that you don't love to eat? I don't like when bananas get really dark and brown. Don't eat those ones. We have gluten free banana bread we can make with those. What is your favorite thing to do? Well, I like to play with daddy a lot. And I love being outside when it's not too hot. And I love reading a lot too. Little House on the Prairie is my favorite. They're not the easiest ones, but I can do it myself, so they're kind of easy to me. I like them because they have three girls and we have three girls. Well, almost four, but I like to pretend I'm Mary. And I love how they help Ma with the house and when Pa brings them treats. Just like Daddy brings us treats sometimes. Do you have ideas about what sorts of work you want to do when you are grown up? Well, I want to do cooking. Do you like to play outside? Yes. On my bike. Sometimes I go on walks. I'm not going out there when it's a big storm. I don't want to get struck by lightening. But when it's just like 'this much rain' (holds hands about 6 inches apart), I think I can take it. It's fun to play outside when it's that much rain. Where is your favorite place to play? The beach. I just like making sandcastles. And...Okay, I don't go out all the way out in the ocean where a wave whooshes over me. But I still go to the edge and feel the water on my feet and my toes. And when I want to build a sandcastle I get some of the wet sand but I don't build it there because the waves will wash it away. Or you can build it with a moat so the water doesn't wash over it. The wet sand is best because it makes the sand stick together. You know like flour and water how it makes it stick together? If it was just flour it wouldn't build anything but if you put water in it, it makes it sticky. The sand is like that. Do you do anything special to help keep the planet healthy? Well, I don't throw trash around on the ground. I always put it in a trash can. And we don't buy that much stuff because then it goes in the trash and the trashman takes it and it fills up the trash place that's on the ground (the dump) and that will cover the earth and we don't want that! And you (mommy) don't let us use too much water because of the drought in California. We don't want to waste water, so we don't use too much. So, we don't take long showers and stuff like that. Jaryn's mother Amanda, on Instagram @mytinytribe, is one our Global Guardian Ambassadors, she homeschools her three girls using our learning capsules.  If you decide to sign up for our capsules, please use code MYTINYTRIBE to get 10% off your subscription each month.


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