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There is a budding activist within each child.  It’s up to us to inspire and empower them.  In order to become compassionate guardians of our planet, our children need encouragement, knowledge and guidance.

The Global Guardian Project creates digital learning capsules that teach children about caring for the earth and its inhabitants. Our mission is to help raise more ecologically conscious and compassionate children who will become guardians of our planet AND OUR PEOPLE.

We do this by inspiring and empowering families to make simple, sustainable changes starting at home.

We also partner with some of the most AMAZING people and organizations to help spread the word.  Today, we're partnering with Mulberry Journal, an online resource for homeschool families. Their website is beautifully designed and includes a collection of stories, resources and opinions on home education in all its forms.




We're giving away an incredible educational bundle, which includes a set of 6 Global Guardian Project digital learning capsules   PLUS 6 issues of Mulberry Magazine, their digital magazine filled with stories, interviews and activities for homeschool families.


So, you interested in getting in on the giveaway?  Just click here TO GET YOU RFREE OCEANS CAPSULE, sign up for our FREE Ocean Conservation digital capsule, and then you will be automatically entered into the draw. It's as easy as that!

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