Global Animals World Map

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Global Animals World Map

Maps are for the adventurous human spirit.

A map is one of the greatest human creations. With a good map, you can explore the world from anywhere. Visual aids are great learning tools for both young and old. In addition to this, maps are also beautiful works of art.

Explore maps to spark your adventurous side, recall long ago travels and chart your next journey to a faraway land.

Maps are the perfect companion to Global Guardian Project's Learning Capsules. Each month, our Learning Capsules include DIY art projects related to our featured endangered species.

Maps are also excellent resources for homeschool families, for families interested in independent learning and learning of new countries and cultures.

Global Guardian Project founder and artist, Rebecca Lane, designs and curates art projects specifically to deepen and expand children's knowledge of where on Earth species live, giving children a better understanding of their place on Earth in relation to other species, landscapes, and regions, and how we are all connected.

This map is 18"x24"

Designed by Magda van Raak -