Oh, The Places You'll Go Pink

Oh, The Places You'll Go Pink

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Our kids have the entire world to explore.

With this map, they can begin to plan out their future adventures while learning about the countries around them. This print is a great visual to show children the amazing landmarks across the world.

Global Guardian Project believes in openness for adventure, helping little ones learn through world schooling. Your child will dream of visiting the Great Wall of China and seeing koalas in their natural Australian habitat right from their own home. In the future, these dreams will empower them to be adventurous Global Guardians of the earth!

Global Guardian Project founder and artist, Rebecca Lane, designs and curates art projects specifically to deepen and expand children's knowledge of where on Earth species live, giving children a better understanding of their place on Earth in relation to other species, landscapes, and regions, and how we are all connected.

This map is 18"x24"

Designed by Magda van Raak - Monstars.net