US National Parks Map Print

US National Parks Map Print

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US National Parks Map

18"x24" Poster

Packaged dimensions: 18"x3"x3"

Mark your travels and plot future family adventures to any of our 59 beautiful US National Parks.  

Top 5 reasons why maps are amazing:

  1. Maps are beautiful + educational. Visual aids are great learning tools for both young and old. In addition to this, maps are also beautiful works of art.
  2. Maps inspire adventure + curiosity. Explore maps to spark your adventurous side, recall long ago travels and chart your next journey to a new land.
  3. Maps help children understand their place in the world. Global Guardian Project founder and artist, Rebecca Lane partnered with Megan Jurvis to create this map, specifically to deepen and expand children's knowledge of where on Earth species live, giving children a better understanding of their place on Earth in relation to other landscapes and regions, and how we are all connected.
  4. Maps are forever. Maps are gifts that are useful forever, They are not wasteful, throwaway consumer products. They will stay with a family as they grow, be used as a reference for life. We think that's incredibly valuable.
  5. When you give, we give. Global Guardian Project is committed to using 100% proceeds of the sale of our art prints to help further global education and environmental stewardship.  With the revenue from our prints, we reinvest in designing and distributing digital magazines that educate children around the world on how to care for the earth. We believe that teaching children compassion for the Earth today is what we need to inspire the changemakers of tomorrow.


* With the purchase of the map, you'll receive a secret link that unlocks a downloadable PDF with ALL National Park badges.  Simply cut them out and tack or tape them to the map.  This is a great way for families to remember past adventures and plan future expeditions!