Ambassador Program


As parents, we will stop at nothing to create a better world for our children. We work hard to empower them to grow up to be global-minded kids — compassionate, brave and much more. Now, you can help create a positive change that extends to children and their families, around the globe.

We’re launching our Ambassador program for people who are interested in promoting Global Guardian Project’s mission. Your power lies in sharing with your community.  When a parent purchases our subscription, their family becomes active Global Guardians. The new tools the family learns will create positive shifts in the home that ripple out into the community.  

Word of mouth helps the movement grow.  As we grow, our capsules will reach more families and more positive shifts will take place.  As an ambassador, you’ll be the starting point of that ripple effect.

Global Guardian Project’s is a non profit program, meaning 100% of revenue from our monthly subscription program is reinvested into creating more learning opportunities and spreading awareness. When you generate a buzz within your community we are able to reach more families.  This means we have a greater impact teaching more families how to be Global Guardians and sparks more change on a global level.

You can learn more about what’s inside our interactive learning capsules here.

Inspire your adventurous little one with our interactive capsules, while helping us educate locally and globally. Are you ready to join our tribe?

As an Ambassador we ask you to commit to promoting our learning capsules to your social media network.  In exchange, you’ll receive the following:

-free monthly membership

-50% off art prints + maps from our online shop

-access to our private FB group

-15% off coupon code to share with your community

- pre-written copy for easy copy/paste promotion

-access to our blog posts as free content for blogs/social media outlets

-opportunity for contributor writing on our blog

-co-host giveaways

-Official GGP Ambassador recognition badge to add to site

Promotion requirements include:

-2-3 monthly posts on IG and  FB showing your support of our capsules

-sharing our posts on Pinterest (if used)

-share a discount code with your community via social media

-mention of events/launches from time to time


If you're ready to become a Global Guardian Ambassador, sign up here.  Once submitted, you'll receive a welcome email with information on what to expect and next steps!

If you're not quite ready, or would like to learn more about what it means to become an Ambassador, you can find more information here.  There is also a link on this form to sign up should you decide to become a part of the Global Guardian tribe!



"We can't wait to welcome you to our community.  If you care about the Earth and our children's futures, this is exactly where you belong. Together we'll raise the most powerful generation of changemakers the world has ever seen!"

-Rebecca Lane, Founder