Danielle Chassin

Known as Hippie in Disguise to the many who follow her blog and Instagram account, Danielle is a policy strategist for the Canadian government by day, urban adventurer and simplicity seeker by night. Mother of two spirited children, Danielle is passionate about creative and sustainable living, eco-minimalism and living the practice of kindness. Danielle’s photography and writing focus on and elevate the simple things that make life beautiful and inspiring. Read more from Danielle at and find her on Instagram @hippieindisguise.


Natalie Crane photoNatalie Crane

Natalie is a full time photographer living near Los Angeles, California. she recently graduated with a BFA in fine art, & started her own photography business so that she could travel often. she shoots weddings & families throughout the year all over the united states. one of her biggest passions is discovering new places through photography. she loves hiking, backpacking, and spontaneously buying plane tickets to new countries. you can find her work at &


Molly Fisher

Molly is a former educator, founder and CEO with over sixteen years of experience working in Mexico in senior management and education roles. She has a B.S. in Biology and a graduate certificate in Science Education from Indiana University and is passionate about social innovation, impact, education and outdoor recreation.


Coleen Hodges

Coleen is a lifestyle photographer based in Phoenix, AZ. She is the mother of two children, ages 3 and 4. In addition to photography, Coleen is an Emergency Room nurse and is married to a Phoenix Firefighter. She is always looking to document raw, everyday moments and prefers to express herself with emotive imagery. One of her main objectives as a mother and as an artist is to show her children that beauty can be found everywhere, and she takes them adventuring every chance she gets.


Rebecca Lane

Rebecca Lane founder of Global Guardian Project, is an artist and social entrepreneur whose passion for global education has sparked each of her art brand creations, all focused on environmental and social responsibility. A gypsy at heart, she created Global Guardian Project as a way to educate her children first hand, and to offer her family’s experience to parents who are raising their own global guardians.


Matt Surch

Matt is an avid car-free cyclist, blogger and public servant in Ottawa, Ontario. Matt brings a philosophy, communications, and environmental studies background to his writing on cycling culture and technology, melding interests in sustainable development, neuroscience, social construction of technology, and ecology. Find his writings on


Jenny Poon
Jenny Poon is a serial entrepreneur and founder of CO+HOOTS, Phoenix’s #1 coworking space and small business incubator. She is also the founder of eeko studio, a boutique design and advertising agency focused on fresh designs for impactful companies large and small. Her background as an award-winning designer and entrepreneurial leader paired with her fascination with education for young minds led her to Global Guardian Project. 


Sheriden VanHoy

Sheriden is a designer and illustrator from Arizona. She currently works at Jenny Poon's design company eeko studio and while simultaneously working on too many personal projects on the side. She loves comic books, video games, succulents, and painting (when she finds the time). She is also an advocate for the LGBT+ community and strives to help create a better world for the community through design and illustration. You can find her on instagram @sheringsnippets and her portfolio website on