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"We are enjoying your capsules immensely! Thank you for giving us such a wonderful opportunity to have the conversations I otherwise would push aside in favor of "easier" topics with my littles. We are all learning and growing in ways I didn't expect as a result."

- Sara Robison, Parent

“Simply beautiful. I’m so excited to be incorporating these gorgeous materials into our homeschool routine.”

Amanda @mytinytribe

"Global Guardian Project's Learning Capsules should be a go-to for every homeschooling mama.  The content is incredible. Children should know how everything in the world is interconnected, and you can really see that in each month's capsules"

Sherlyn Toledo, Homeschool Parent

“One of the reasons we aim to play outside, reconnecting with nature as often as possible, is to instill in our children a love and appreciation for the earth. When I found out about the Global Guardian Project I was immediately interested. Ideal for home educators and all families.”

Louise @loopygibbens

“I’ve noticed the boys curiosity inspires them to care for our planet. They have been studying the Oceans Capsule and especially love the sea turtles. They are loving the balance of learning and action, giving them a chance to make a difference.”

Dani @missverse

“No matter how big or small we are, we can all make changes that make a difference – we can all be Global Guardians.”

Danielle @hippieindisguise //

"As a worldschooling family, we appreciate that the content is digital.  We can print out what we want and the rest stays online.  We also get to learn about places we've yet discovered. We're very happy to have found Global Guardian Project."

Anna Jones, Parent

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