5 Arts and Craft Ideas Using Natural Materials

Arts and Craft Ideas


Arts and crafts are an essential and fun part of life. We have collected another short list of fun, creative crafts and projects you can do using natural materials, like sticks, leaves, pinecones, flowers, rocks and more. You can see our first list of crafts in this post.

The projects you will find below are gentle toward the earth, by using primarily natural materials, and are also engaging for children. If you have the time, let your children collect the materials with you, that's at least half the fun! Try to make these projects with collected and reused items, you don't need to visit the craft store to make beautiful projects. Be innovative and creative!

  1. Painting Using Natural Materials as Paintbrush by @acraftyliving
  2. Leaf Stamping with Potatoes by How Wee Learn blog
  3. Painted Stick Instrument by Twodaloo blog
  4. Shape Punching with Leaves, found on Pinterest, source unknown
  5. Fairy & Gnome Village by Sabine of Aloha Werkstatt blog, this is a little more complex, but a great project to work on over time and through the seasons.
Follow the links above, to learn how to make your own beautiful arts and crafts with natural materials. If you have a fun nature-inspired craft let us know, leave a comment below.


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