Young Activists: Raising Global Guardians

Raising Global Guardians

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Young Activists!

About 2 months ago we added a new section to our e-courses all about Young Activists: children doing small and big things to create positive change in their communities. Things like: plastic clean ups, animal rescues, letter writing, and more. From now on, each issue will include stories about inspiring young children taking action to make the world a better place. 

In our Discover Sweden course you will learn about the story of Mikaela Ulmer and her amazing and award-winning project to save honey bees. In our Discover Argentina course you will learn about the Wijsen sisters who worked together to get Bali to ban plastic bags.

Children can accomplish great things with the support and encouragement of adults. But their accomplishments don't need to be big to make a difference. Sometimes something small is still significant. For example, one of our Global Guardian team writers recently shared this story with us:

"Today I'm feeling proud of my daughter. Yesterday she bounded home from school with exciting news: She got to work with some teachers at her school to open up garbage bags and re-sort the waste into recycling and garbage. Yes, she was excited to do this! After years of speaking up when she saw students throw things in the garbage that could have been recycled, some staff started to listen, and recognize there was a problem. After the waste sorting happened, next there will be an assembly for the whole school to show children just how much garbage should have been recycled, and to encourage children to be better custodians of the planet. Never let a child think they can't make a difference! Small actions add up, and lead to big changes. Now that recycling will be better handled at her school, my daughter has set herself a new mission to get composting happening. After all, as she says "they teach us the importance of composting, but we don't have a compost at our school. How does that make sense?!"


Empower the children in your life to know that they can make a difference. Children should know that they don't need to wait to be adults to have an impact, they can already be the change!

The Global Guardian Project is a learning platform for global minded parents to educate their children on how to play an active part in caring for the planet. We offer a monthly subscription to our e-courses, which include facts about animals, countries, and more, art projects, interviews, recipes, videos, and podcasts, for $15 per month. Get a free sample by signing up to our Insider's Community below!


  • What a thought provoking article!

    maggy, red ted art
  • Wow this is beautiful. What an empowering and motivating story. I will be sharing it with my daughter and talk about what a difference she can make. xxx

    Lisa Barry
  • Wow this is beautiful. What an empowering and motivating story. I will be sharing it with my daughter and talk about what a difference she can make. xxx

    Lisa Barry
  • I used to be a waste educator and helped students sort waste and develop a communication plan to encourage the rest of the school to reduce, reuse and recycle. I worked with such creative and inspiring young people. Some of the ideas they came up with were crazy, hilarious and brilliant. All made a real difference to their schools. :)

  • Such an important message to take away from this “Never let a child think they can’t make a difference! Small actions….” that’s what we said to our boys when they watched The True Cost Movie…


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