Protect the Earth One Year Membership + World Map Coloring Poster

World Map Coloring Poster

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The perfect educational gift-

Give a child the tools to learn about our big beautiful world and inspire them how to care for it everyday.  Our e-courses paired with world map coloring poster gives hours and hours of engaging, educational, and interesting learning opportunities for little ones.  

Heres what you'll get-

Sized 36"x24", the map is used as a tool to deepen learning about the world, countries, endangered species, our oceans and more.  Use the map to locate countries and cities, oceans, homes of endangered animals etc. A perfect gift for little world explorers, ages 5-12.

This gift is especially great for children who love animals.  Our A-Z endangered animal e-course (included with purchase) teaches where animals live and includes coloring pages that can be colored, cut out and placed on the world map, making the experience even more interactive.

E-courses include-

  • Ocean Conservation
  • Rainforest Conservation
  • A-Z Endangered Animals
  • Protecting Honeybees
  • Desert Wonders
  • Protecting Butterflies
  • Going Litterless
  • Plant Power
  • Leaders and Changemakers
  • Discover Brazil
  • Discover Thailand
  • Discover Rwanda
  • Discover India
  • Discover Canada
  • Discover Sweden
  • Discover Sri Lanka
  • Discover Argentina
  • Discover Colombia
  • Discover Israel
  • Discover Madagascar

The Global Guardian Project creates e-courses that helps educate children on how to respect and protect the planet. Our e-courses are filled with rich content, videos, learning opportunities, interviews, recipes and art projects, plus much more!  STEAM based activities and learning prompts are woven into each topic, ensuring deeper learning opportunities for children.

With all the information and resources at their fingertips parents can feel confident about educating their children about an important topic that impacts us all! And, the best part– kids absolutely LOVE the format. Its a delicate balance of inspiration + action! .